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Nutritional Consultation
for Equine Feeding Programs

Cindy Dell, Manager of Equine Sales

Lindsey Williamson, Equine Specialist


Cindy Dell
Manager of Equine Sales
CFC Farm & Home Centers Since 1999

Phone: 540-727-8325 Email:

With over 30 years of experience in applied equine nutrition, Cindy is our Horse Expert on-call for all of your horse feed questions.

Cindy's degree in Animal Science is from Ohio State. Her extensive experience in the field of equine nutrition comes from her 10 years in farm management, 5 years as an independent nutrition consultant, and 5 years with a national feed company. We were fortunate enough to find her in 1999, and she is our go-to person for all questions horse and pet related.

Often, you'll find her on the road, cell phone and laptop computer at the ready to solve your horse nutrition problems. Call Cindy for a free personalized nutrition consultation for your stables.

For all your horse-related questions, call Cindy. You can reach her at 540-727-8325, or email your questions to

Lindsey Williamson
Horse Specialist
CFC Farm & Home Centers

Phone: 540-764-0004 Email:

Lindsey received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal & Poultry Sciences with an Equine Science emphasis from Virginia Tech in 2009. In addition to Lindsey’s experiences in Blacksburg, her childhood spent on horseback in the hunt fields and show rings of Virginia bring together the science and the experience to maximize your horse’s health and performance. Let Lindsey bring you the most up to date research and information in the horse industry to keep your horse ahead of the game.

Call Lindsey for a free personalized nutrition consultation for your stables or with your horse-related questions. You can reach her at 540-764-0004, or email your questions to




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